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The Bobs And The Zebras

Juliette fish 1(Valerie)I have 5 fish. The small ones are Bob, Bob Junior, and George. The zebra colored ones are Zebra and Finny. I had these fishes for a long time . The Bobs and George are my brother’s and Zebra and Finny are mine. I really love them and I hope I have more.

I found this picture on the internet because I couldn’t get a good aim on them and also because they were moving too much. This fish picture is Zebra and Finny.

Did you ever have a fish, and, if so, what breed is it ?

My Trip To The Southern Island

Peacock JulietteWhen I went on summer break I went to Punta Cana. I went on a 5 minute car trip, and we saw a peacock. They were so cute.  I also really liked when we went to a different restaurant for almost every afternoon. I made a friend that only talked Spanish so I couldn’t really talk to her that much. The beach was really cool, but I couldn’t put my ears in the water because I had an ear infection. I cant wait to go another time.

Have you ever gone to a southern island, and, if so, where is it?

Photo Credit: Juliette Online

Il Était Une Fois Les Boys

Juliette Il Etait Une Fois Les Boys (Valerie)I went to the cinema with Elena and her sister. We went to see “Il Était Une Fois Les Boys”. It was AWESOME. There was  a sad  part when Benoit died because he was on the ice, it broke and he drowned. :( The whole point of the movie was that they play hockey and they have fun. There’s sad parts, romantic parts, and funny parts, but mostly funny parts.

Have you ever seen a movie with  sad parts, romantic parts, and mostly funny parts, and, if so, what was the name of the movie?

Photo Credit: Mediafilms



Surf’s Up!

Juliette Blue Water High (Valerie)When I get home I mostly go watch Blue Water High. Its a very funny and sometimes sad. It talks about girls and boys going surfing and going in an academy for surfers. When there done they go do chores and have fun all together, but they also have to do training. I found these episodes on Netflix. These are very good episodes if you like surfing or having fun. This can encourage you for doing more interesting stuff outside in summer. So if you want to know more about it go on Netflix.

Have you ever gone on Netflix, and, if so, what episodes/movies do you watch?

Photo Credit: Australian Television


The Hop In Alaska To Germany

Julliette rabbits (Valerie)Let me talk to you about Alaska rabbits. The Alaska rabbits live in Germany. They weigh around 3-4 kg. They are a medium sized rabbit. It is recognized by the British Council, not recognized by the American Rabbits. I really love bunnies and rabbits,  especially baby ones. I really want one so they can hop in my hands. I hope I have a bunny one day.

Photo Credit: Ailura Wikipedia


Look At My Brother Go

On February 7th, 2014 my brother played against Lynx Saint-Raymond.skates Valerie Juliette The Lynx team was hurting our team, and they didn’t even get one penalty. My brother was replacing one person because he had a headache. My brother was amazing today. They won 4 to 2 yah!!!!

Have you ever encouraged one of your family members in a sport and was happy about it?

Photo Credit: Juliette Online

My Rainbow Loom Kit

Valerie Juliette Rainbow Loom KitI have a rainbow loom kit to put all my elastics and my hook in. I have a machine to make big bracelets. To close the bracelets theres these plastic kind of hooks called a c clip. This kit is to bring when you go somewhere far away without carrying bags of elastics.


Photo Credit: Juliette Online

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Juliette Valerie braceletI make a lot of rainbow loom bracelets. You see on this picture the first one is the confetti criss cross, star burst, triple single, taffy twist, and dragon scale. This is kind of my hobby because I often do some for fun or because I’m bored. When I go on long car trips, I often do about 3 or 7 bracelets a day.

Have you ever made  rainbow loom bracelets, and, so, do you like making them?

Don`t Pollute

Juliette Valerie NatureNature is a very important subject in life because you cannot live without trees. If people pollute, other animals will have many problems to breath and they can get hurt. Nature is a beautiful thing, but if people keep on polluting, it won’t be beautiful again. When people for example they throw out a cigarette it is polluting and animals can get hurt.

The Day In The Snow

hot chocolate JulietteMmmmmm, hot chocolate. On February 7 2014 we went to the winter carnival and we played so many games. We played winter soccer, sled pull, crawl, broom ball, chicken game, and snow bucket. Before all of that we had hot chocolate. I don’t know why we had it ,but it was yummy. There were many of marshmellows inside. We had fun all together with the girls and boys. I cant wait to do it next year!

Had you ever went on a winter carnival at school with your classmates, and, if so, what was the games?