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Why Do I Have To Go!!!!! :(

So this Summer I will try to send you my comments to your comments on Summer vacation so that you can hear my opinion. I will try my best to make new posts for all of the students or children or adults that follow me on “ALL THINGS QUEBEC”. Please come and see my other friends blog. Like if your a boy that likes sports go on all of the boys like “Ruchel, Paul” and more. And if you like fashion or something else like girly are “Christina, Lauren” and more. So I will miss all your cool and interesting comments and I cant wait for you to send awesome comments that you are doing.

So you might want to know where I’m going this Summer. So I’m going to New York than from New York to the Bermuda and I’m going to plenty of other places. I’m also going skate boarding at like a skate park but its not really bet its still fun. I’m going to hang out with my friends and we might go to La Ronde and have all the fun we can have. And then when the 2 months are finished well were going back to school and I hope were all in the same class.

So that’s what im doing cant wait to see all of your comments.

BYE!! :) :) :)

Allana And The Beast (Ch.2 Looking For The Wolf)

But then they saw a wolf with a band on its right leg.  And on the band it said “Wolf, Wolf, Wolf”. Alicia and Allana were so surprised that they thought the wolf looked very familiar like its someone from ATU.  But they got over it. When Allana went to her locker there was a boy with the same band as the wolf had.Juliette Wolf So Allana went to the boy and said “hey, did you pass to bridge yesterday afternoon?” “ No why?” said the boy. “Oh, sorry to disturb you, and just to tell you my name is Allana, and yours?” “My name is Justin, now I have to go see you later”. Then when Allana went to her room she went on ATU website to see Justin’s profile, but there there was a code, so Allana called Alicia to crack it and she did. The code was “AT university forever”. Then she looked at it and gasped, Justin was…

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Allana And The Beast (Ch.1 Going to ATU)

Allana is a different little girl then others; she has a power that no one knows. She doesn’t have a lot of friends because she always moves. One dJuliette Boarding schoolay when Allana was old enough to go to University, her dad said “You can stay there for 1 year, then you will go to another University”. When she got to ATU (All Transylvania University) she set up her room and got a roommate. Her name was Alicia. Alicia was a smart, young, and talented girl. For the next 2 weeks from before, Allana and Alicia were best friends. Then one afternoon Allana and Alicia went in the woods to walk and talk. When they arrived at Toll Bridge they were just talking about what they did today. But then they saw something move in the bushes, it was a…

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Candy! Candy! Candy!

I LOVE CANDY! I love CANDY so much because its sweet, sour and delicious. I love every kind of CANDY! There is a place in Candiac called “MAITRE GLACIER”.Juliette Maitre Glacier It’s a very cool because the seats are made of ice cream (but not real ice cream). It also have a big stand of candies that have like 50 sorts of CANDY. Then when your done you give it to the person in charge and they weigh it to see how much it costs. Then on the right close to the chairs and tables there’s a stand of ice cream. Isn’t it COOL!

If you want to see more stuff about CANDY or know where they are go to Elena Online –  http://elenaonline.edublogs.org/2014/05/09/candy/.When you go to Elena’s blog its says that she doesn’t like black lickerish. I know who doesn’t its really good because theres cinnamon in it its delicious!

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Did You Know There`s A Sundae Called Juliette? :)

If a restaurant made a sundae called Juliette, it would be delicious. This would be the ingredients…. Juliette sundae

*1: A glass vase

*2: A scoop of vanilla ice cream

*3: A scoop of chocolate ice cream

*4: And another scoop of strawberry ice cream

*5: some confettie sprinkels

*6: Caramelle

*7: What ever candy sprinkels or candy on it

*8: And then last but not least 4 sour gummy bears on top and 4 cherries on top

Now you know my special receipie. So if you think this is good why dont you just try it, Im telling you its very good (I think)! If you want to see another recepie about sundaes go on Roxy Online. Hope you like it. So if your parents have a restaurant, please tell them to add this receipie on the menu wich is called Juliette, please :)

Can you tell me what you would do after step 4?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Why Are Boys So Obsessed With Electronics?

When my brother arrives home, he plays “Mine craft, League of Legends etc.”. He plays this on our computer and he plays “X box” too. Well sometimes they talk out loud about things that we don’t know so were like “Hey, what is he  saying?”, well that’s what I say to my brother. So like some girls and boys like video games and some girls like Movies, Netflix and other stuff that we love.Juliette League of Legends Like one time, I saw my brother playing “X Box” and I saw him playing “Ghost”. It looked cool so I tried it, but it was very, very hard. Well for me. So some boys and girls like Nerf guns. Their really cool, but you need glasses to protect your eyes and a protection on your chest. So some guns (not real) are like electronic, so it hurts when you shoot it. (It really hurts sometimes).

This picture is the title of the game my brother plays.

So if your a girl or a boy, what’s your favorite game?

Did You Know…

SNAKES JULIETTEMy friend Elena and her sister have snakes close to where they live. One time I went to their house and we saw where some snakes lived. And they said that where they lived before thier mother  stepped on a rattle snake. I was so suprised, and I thought that maybe her mom would be hurt because of their poisinous venum. Well I don’t think that happened. Well snakes are not my favorite animal, but its like my 5th or 6th favorite animal. One time I went to a birthday party of animals. Then the snake went on my neck and I thought I was going to choke, but I didn’t. :) Animals are awesome for me because some are cute, soft and other things. Now I think you want to know my favorite animals… it’s a dog and a horse.

So whats your favorite animal?

Go Habs Go!

Tonight at 7:00 pm, Canadiens are going to win I hope. Before when the Canadiens lost against Boston in Boston is because people weren’t encouraging them when they do a goal or when Carey Price saves a goal. But tonight lots of people from Canadien fans are going to see them, so we might have a chance. So tonight don’t forget to watch the game because we’re gonna win.Juliette Carey Price Our team is very good. So if hockey players from the Canadien team are reading it read. You have a chance, so go out there and talk to each other on the ice, and Carey Price if your reading too think of the game, be focused, and think of when you’re going to win (well you are) everybody depends on you. So beat the Boston team and get the puck don’t be afraid (not literally). Your able guys, you beated Boston and you can do it again. Believe in yourself. Go Habs Go!!

Are you a Canadians fan or a Boston fan?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Don’t Forget The Beat

Music is very important to me because I always make up songs in my head, but whenJuliette guitar I want to write it on a piece of paper, but it disappears. But after a week I always remember the beat. I play guitar, and I also have a guitar teacher. My guitar teacher teaches me new notes from other songs. Right now I’m learning “A Horse with no name, We Are Stars, All of Me”. These are the songs I like and I’m so happy I’m able to play it on my guitar. One time I made a beat on my guitar and made a song that goes with it. The beat was like a little bit sad and happy, but the lyrics are sad, but I think I was just in a sad mood so that’s why I did it, but I’m okay now.  Now you know how much I like music.

What is your favorite song or instrument?



Don’t You Love … ?

I love music. Music is a big part of my life because it makes me feel happy. I really like music, because I sing, play guitar and piano. Music is a big part of my life again because when I was little I always loved music. So if someone took music away from me I don’t know what I would do in life.music Juliette (valerie) My family loves music like my dad plays the saxophone, my dad`s mom plays piano, my cousin and I play guitar  and I sing. So if music didn’t exist, my whole family would be dull and we wouldn’t know who we are.music Juliette (valerie) We need music because if we didn’t the radio would be for nothing. Some channels like Family, Nickelodeon, and other music channels would not exist.  Pop stars would have nothing to say. The whole planet will go blank. The planet would disappear.

I think the world without music is a duller place. So listen to music just do something with music in it PLEASE!

So what’s your favorite song?

Mine is ”All Of Me” by John Legend.        (p.s. he is very good)